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Photo courtesy of Deborah Lynne, Buenos Aires

ORLANDO FARIAS, a native Argentinean Tango dance performer, teacher and choreographer travels the world extensivley sharing his talent and enthralling audiences. Needless to say, he is in HIGH DEMAND. We are tremendously fortunate to have such awesome talent to be visiting Los Angeles. His travels have taken him to Canada, Europe, Asia and South America, and the United States.

A young dancer with wonderful technique, Orlando began his artistic career participating in all the many tango dance shows, including La Ventana, Senor Tango and Michelangelo.

He was part of international companies such as Tango Metropolis under the direction of Daniel Binelli, Tango Venus and Copes Tango of Juan Carlos Copes among others, touring Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

His tango is characterized by an expressive sensuality with which he carries out each choreography.

This young dancer has also directed and choreographed his own Tango show “Tango Elite,” which was part of the Tango World Championships, with performances in Curitiba, Brazil as well as in Buenos Aires' Colonial Theatre.

Orlando is now director of Leaders Tango Week which will take place this August in Buenos Aires and will host some of tango's greatest.

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Meredith Klein began dancing tango in Massachusetts in February 1999. She managed to keep tango on the outskirts of her life for six years, before finally succumbing to the desire to do nothing but dance. After visiting Buenos Aires for the first time in January 2005, she left her job as Development Director for a nonprofit arts organization, sold her house, car, and most of her possessions, and relocated to Buenos Aires.

Since April 2005, Meredith has been working with Andres Amarilla, including performances in La Vikinga and Villa Malcolm in Buenos Aires. In January 2006, Meredith & Andres embarked on a 6 1/2 month US tour. So far, they have taught in 11 US cities, including Ann Arbor, Philadelphia, NYC, Eugene and Portland, OR, Santa Barbara, Houston, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Providence, RI and New Haven, CT.

Meredith & Andres are best known for their ability to clearly articulate the physical principles and technique that make any step work—from the simplest walk to the cross to the most complicated colgadas, ganchos and jumps. They are particularly sought out for their teaching of alternative embrace vocabulary & technique. Because they use traditional tango technique to execute complicated “nuevo tango” steps, their dance is characterized by a classic look and musicality.